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This page show unique collector items of the Formula 1 artist Heinz Jürgen Wagner private collection.
Among others, you find here fine art prints signed by the most famous Formula One drivers.
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Heinz Jürgen Wagner fine art print, Grand Prix Italia, Double Victory in Monza

Signed von M. Schumacher / J. Todt / E. Irvine / R. Brawn

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Heinz Jürgen Wagner fine art print
Ayrton Senna
Signed by all 1994/95 Formula One drivers: Michael Schumacher / Hill / Mika / David / Berger / Alesi / Rubens / Fittipaldi / Villeneuve / Panis /
Ron Dennis / Sit usw.


Heinz Jürgen Wagner fine art print
Le Mans 89

Signed by J. Maas / M. Reuter / Stanley Dickens / P. Sauber

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Alan Fearnley fine art print

The only fine art print edition signed by Ayrton Senna.
Signed by Ayrton Senna!

€ 10,000

F1 Art Watch 2002
Limited edition of 999

Price € 49,-

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Some few F1 Art Watches 2000, € 99.- each.