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Heinz Jürgen Wagner

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The most successful Formula One drivers signed Heinz Jürgen Wagner's fine art prints.


Many Formula One drivers, like Michael Schumacher, Häkkinen, Berger, and of course a lot of VIPs are owning an original picture of Wagner. The special painting technique, which was developed by Wagner himself, catches the thrilling atmosphere of high-tech racing cars in a unique way and documents a piece of history for the posterity.

Beside his artistic abilities, his technical talent as Formula-3-mechanic helped him to look behind the scenes of the world of racing. That has been a long time, and it was hard to find the racing drivers on the courses of Le Mans, the DTM up to the king’s class of motorsport: the Formula 1.

Nowadays, everybody in the inner circles knows the artist inside the hidden world of Formula 1.

The artist's studio is located in a halftimbered house. He is been living and working here since 35 years. The artist was born in Marburg April 14th, 1954. As the son from a acknowledged artpainter (holding the Kulturpreis), his way of life was apparent clear. As soon as possible, his parents supported his talent of painting. Of course, they became a little bit sceptical when his passion showed that everything in the pictures turned around the motorsport.

A visit at Heinz Jürgen Wagner is like a timetrip through the automobile history of the last 25 years.

Inside a creative chaos of colors, brushes and canvases, the provisional aroundstanding oil paintings, artprints, rough drafts and photo studies tell the lightning-fast history of motorsport through the eyes of an artist.

Personal photos of Wagner with national and international persons of racingsport history, H. J. Stuck , Keke Rosberg, Ayrton Senna and the young Michael Schumacher, showing the relationship between the artist and the - for "normal people" - mostly unreachable persons around the world.


Details about the artist:


Heinz Jürgen Wagner



Born April 14th 1954 in Marburg


Since 1988 professional artist


Topic: Motorsport (especially the Formula 1 )



1988 Retromobil Paris,1989 Europaturm Frankfurt in a high of 222 m,

1993/94 GP Belgien, 1995 GP Japan Tanaka International, 1995 Sao Paulo, 1996 Auto Becker Düsseldorf, 1997 Keke Rosberg Racing Show,

1994/95/96/97/98/99/2000/2001 GP Monaco 1998 Modena ( Omaggio a Enzo Ferrari )...


You find alltime-exhibitions in:

"Hotel am Hockenheimring", as well as in the museum,

"Nürburgring Dorint Hotel" and in the "Rosso Bianco Automuseum"


The original pictures (some of which are available as fine art prints) are owned of many Formula 1 teams, as well as Schnitzer BMW, AMG Mercedes, Daimler Chrysler AG, Momo, some private collectors, and racing driver like Michael Schumacher, Gerhard Berger, Jean Alesi, Fam. Senna, Mika Häkkinen and many other.


The original pictures are painted with a mixture-technique of Tempera and Acrylcolors.

You can find press coverages and illustrations in the following newspapers:

"Auto Motor und Sport", "Rallye Racing", "Motor Sport aktuell", "Auto Bild", "Sport Bild", "M.S. Magazin", "Ferrari World", "Ferrari Magazin", "Hörzu", "Agip Magazin", "Mercedes Magazin", "Porsche Chistopherus", "FAZ", "Süddeutsche Zeitung", "Auto Sprint Italien", "Cavallino USA", "Autosport England", "Auto Illustrierte Schweiz" and many more..........