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Le Mans 89

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The great double - win of the "Sauber Mercedes C9"

at the 24-hour-Race of "LE MANS 89" is shown here.


The artprint is sized 60x80 cm and was printed on high-quality

"Chromosulfatkarton (weight 240 g)".


The artprint is signed and numbered by

Manuel Reuter, Peter Sauber and the artist, Heinz Jürgen Wagner.

The fine art print is available at Sportscar Studio. The price is € 750,- (+€ 7,50 / +€ 12,50,- p+p in-/outide Germany).


Original picture "Tempera - Acryl", size 100 x 80 : sold to Peter Sauber



Jochen Maas signing the prints 1989

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Peter Sauber signing the prints 1989


5.jpg (11911 Byte)Manuel Reuter

3.jpg (11944 Byte)Stanley Dickens