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Der erste Grand Prix Sieg von

Michael Schumacher

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Michael Schumacher drives through Eue Ruge in the 39. lap and Nigel Mansell comes up to 3 seconds

to the Benetton Ford. The race-course dryed and Michael Schumacher drove the lap-record of 220,4 km/h

(average speed) and he didn't let take away his first Grand Prix - Win.

He wan in the GP of Spa-Francorchamps in front of N. Mansell and Riccardo Patrese

and was on place three in World Championship 1992.


Each artprint (size 80 x 60 cm, weight 270 g) was signed and numbered by

Michael Schumacher and the artist, Heinz Jürgen Wagner.

The fine art print is available at Sportscar Studio.

The price is € 750,- (+€ 7,50 / +€ 12,50,- p+p in-/outide Germany)

Artprints without M. Schumacher's signature are availabe at € 175,- (+€ 7,50 / +€ 12,50,- p+p in-/outide Germany)


An authenticity certificate is included.

Original picture "Tempera - Acryl", size 100 x 80: sold, owned by private person


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  Michael Schumacher signing the prints.