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Ayrton Senna Foundation

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Ayrton Senna wan three times the world championship and 41 formula 1 G.P., moreover he started at

161 starts in pole position.

He was not only the best racing driver of this time, he established furthermore a foundation for the poor children

of his land - the artist Heinz Jürgen Wagner will support this foundation with his picture.

50,- DM of each sold picture will be payed to the  Ayrton Senna Foundation.

I want to thank all the people which made possible that the artprint could officially named

"Ayrton Senna" and that the lifework of Ayrton Senna is carried on by Fabio Machado,

Julian Jakobi, and a good friend of Ayrton, Gerd Krämer.

Heinz Jürgen Wagner.


The artprint shows the World-Champion-helmet of 1991 with its 41 wins. The "Boss" - sticker was designed

as mirror image, so that the camera lets appear it the right way on the TV screens through the mirrors of the car.


The artprint is limited about only 350 pieces.

Each print (size 80 x 60 cm, weight 270 g) was signed and numbered by the artist, Heinz Jürgen Wagner.


The fine art print is available at Sportscar Studio.

The price is € 375,- (+€ 7,50 / +€ 12,50,- p+p in-/outide Germany).


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At family Senna in St. Paolo  (Ayrton Senna's office)

Original picture, "Tempera - Acryl", size 100 x 80: owned by the Senna family